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    This week the BMJ published research from the LSE and Stanford University showing the health benefits of exercise for people with cardiovascular problems compared with those taking standard heart medication, such as statins.

    The research reviewed 305 medical trials, which covered 339,274 people.   The purpose of the research was to compare the benefits of exercise with drug treatment, such as that now routinely prescribed for millions of people in the UK.   

    In patients with heart disease it was found that, "there was no statistical differences among any of the exercise and drugs interventions in terms of their effects on mortality outcomes."

    With the exception of this caveat, it was found for other conditions, including strokes, that exercise was significantly more effective in reducing death rates.   The conclusion was, "Exercise interventions should therefore be considered as a viable alternative to, or alongside, drug therapy.  Indeed, an increasing number of experts recommend prescribing an 'exercise pill' as a preventative strategy to reduce morbidity and mortality."

    The value of exercise generally is hopefully beyond doubt.   More specifically for those with cardiovascular problems, as the Nobel Laureate, Dr Ignarro, points out on YouTube, exercise increases Nitric Oxide ("the miracle molecule") in the body.   Nitric Oxide controls cholesterol, but does not threaten to reduce it excessively as some modern statins may do.   Nitric Oxide can prevent and restore cardiovascular disease.   Nitric Oxide increases energy levels.   L-arginine and to some extent L-citrulline are the vital sources of Nitric Oxide for the body.  That is why many experts, including Dr Ignarro, recommend Arginine supplementation.   Exercise boosts Nitric Oxide and Arginine Derived Nitric Oxide boosts the capacity to exercise.

    The best supplementation is Arkworld's Ark 1 Pink Drink.   Yesterday, I forgot to take my Pink Drink before playing tennis and noticed how I wilted unusually in and after the longer rallies.   Please don't just take my word for it.   If you have not already done so please look at the independent research of the University of Exeter into the Pink Drink:

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