Independent Research

Ark 1 (the Pink Drink) has been the subject of independent research by the University of Exeter, which found that it can:

  • improve severe-intensity exercise endurance by 20%
  • significantly reduce systolic blood pressure
  • reduce the oxygen cost of exercise
  • Professor Andrew Jones, from the University's School of Sport and Health Sciences, said: "The research found that when the dietary supplement was used there was a striking increase in performance by altering the use of oxygen during exercise.
    "This is important for endurance athletes as we would expect the supplement to bring a 1-2% improvement in race times. While this may seem small, this is a very meaningful improvement – particularly at elite levels where small gains can be the difference between winning and losing."
Charles Taylor

Charles Taylor – My Story

In 1998 I had a serious accident and was lucky enough to survive three consequential pulmonary embolisms. Since then I felt far less energetic. In 2009 I started taking the Pink Drink before working out in the gym, playing tennis and heavy work. I was very impressed by the way it boosted my performance and recovery. It was not until 2012 that it dawned on me to take it as it is primarily intended as a daily supplement. Within weeks I felt fantastic and thirty years younger. I have noticed greater energy, reduced stress, a more relaxed outlook, deeper sleep, less pain and more mobility in my shattered ankle, improved skin quality and the re-growing of my hypothyroidal eyebrows. I kick myself for not having discovered L-arginine after my accident. I was so impressed I decided to give up my practice as a barrister and to evangelize Arginine instead.


Ms L.M. of Scotland writes — “I have been diagnosed with a liver condition and, other than using a low fat diet; there is no known cure available on NHS. After 18 months of constant blood tests, scans and all the usual investigations, I am no further forward and at the stage where I am willing to try anything. Having been told of Arginine and read of how it affects the body as a whole but in particular, the liver, I feel that Arginine is my magic potion. I have been using Arginine for two weeks now and experienced weird and wonderful things in this time. I have lost a lot of interest in cigarettes and have cut down drastically. My hair shines and my skin glows once again and I seem to be losing the puffiness in my face and ankles. I know my system is now breaking down the fats in my liver, my kidneys seem to be dealing with the fluid retention and I have had no gall bladder pain at all in this time. I have to see the consultant again in a few months and will be interested to know the results of the blood tests this time. I have now just received my second order of Arginine having miscalculated as my son is also using it. He was diagnosed with ME when he was about 18 and is now 26. He’s coped wonderfully well and now holds down a very demanding and stressful job but must sleep in advance in order to deal with the demands of his busy life. After 3 days on Arginine, he said that he felt “A haze had lifted”. But beware the side effects of Arginine – somehow, it inspires my son to go out and buy paint and thereafter persuade his mum to help him paint both sitting room and hall. Two weeks ago, I didn’t have the energy to paint a kiddies’ colouring book, far less walls. I feel sure that something magic is happening.”

Ms L.L. and partner Mr P.D. of Hove

Ms L.L. of Hove commented — “Professionally I am an RGN working as a full time night nurse at St Dunstans. I was amazed with my energy levels since taking the products during the “twilight” hours of my night duty and how awake I feel!! I have always taken daily Sudafed tablets for my sinuses, which have been troublesome for some 5 years. However since May 1st I have not had to take any Sudafed!”

While Ms L’s partner, Mr P.D. adds — “I am a professional tennis coach and in recent years I discovered my blood pressure was high. Since taking Arginine and Micro Nutrition my blood pressure readings have both dropped by about 10 points. I also noticed greater energy levels including better performances in the gym particularly quicker recovery times. My skin, which suffers being exposed to outside elements, has also improved, due to better circulation.”

Mrs Y.O. of Hove

Mrs Y.O. of Hove —  “I am 86 and apart from popping out in the garden this Summer I have rarely been out unless by taxi. Since starting on the Pink Drink last month I am now walking half a mile a day and feeling really well. My legs are less swollen and everyone tells me how well I am looking. It is wonderful."

Ms D L'B of Jersey writes, "About a year ago and in spite of leaving a very stressful job and managing to have a six month break, I was still feeling rather deflated with no real energy. I had a permanent headache and a real lack of enthusiasm to do anything. I went and saw Dr Roderick Lane, a naturopath whom I have seen on and off for several years. I felt comfortable that with his knowledge and experience he would be in a  position to listen and to fully understand what I needed to get me back on track.

"Apart from a few other supplements, Roderick recommended ARK1, something I had never heard of before, but was willing to try. I did my own online research and found the website I needed with all the product information I needed fully to understand what the product could do for me, I then ordered a couple of tubs and because I live in Jersey had the added postage challenge that we all experience over here, but I was pleased to have obtained something which I hoped would help.

"I, as instructed took two 3/4 scoops in water one in the morning and the other in the evening and in a couple of weeks started to notice a big difference in my energy levels and for a change, I was feeling energised. It has a great taste and is really easy to drink which I think makes a difference as many other products do not taste as good or have the great results this does. 

"I then with Arkworld's help became a local distributor for ARK products, which I am really happy to be able to supply to Jersey residents. Not only from my own personal experience can I recommend this whole heartedly, but also by the repeat customers that return to me every month or so to obtain their supplies of a wonderful product."



Cindy of London

Cindy of London — In the video clip (left), Cindy describes how Arkworld's supplements have transformed her balance, arthritis, swollen knees and ankles.

Ms J.I. of Hove records — “After taking the products for 2 days I noticed a great improvement in my Arthritis, less pain, stiffness and discomfort. After 4 days the inflammation in my knee had gone and the pain in my hips had disappeared. I have not taken any pain killers or medication since I feel great on the product. My twenty year battle with Arthritis has been greatly improved and thanks to the company for improving my quality of life.”


Keith Martin of Ashford

Keith Martin of Ashford — In the video clip (right), Keith recalls how Arkworld's Pink Drink has helped his asthma, arthritis, borderline Type 2 diabetes, angina and even his chronic cracked heels. He says, "It has changed my life."

Ms L.R. of Newcastle — “I am amazed that Arginine and micro nutrition can do all the things that it does! I have type 2 Diabetes and need to control this by following a careful diet plan. However, my blood sugar level was high until I started taking Arginine. After two months, my blood sugar has normalised. I was able to stop taking aspirin, so no more upset stomach. I feel great and have lots more energy; visits to the gym are a pleasure now! I didn’t realise I was feeling so ill before until I started to feel so much better.”

Blood Pressure

Mr R.G. with wife

Mr R.G. reports — “I am very pleased to be able to report that the taking of Arginine and Micro Nutrition has lowered the blood pressure of my wife, within 7 days of starting to take the product and has improved her irritable bowel complaint, eased the hot flushes she was getting and her panic attacks when she became tired are no more. For myself I have always been an active man, in more ways than one and can vouch for the fact that the products have put that spring back into my stride and added more lead to my pencil, even at the age of 63!”

Mr M.B.

Mr M.B. of Herts — “Two years ago I followed medical advice that I should have heart bypass surgery. During the operation I suffered a stroke. A friend recommended Arkworld to me. I take all three supplements. I think it is doing me good and within a short time my blood pressure was right down. The other day some friends pointed out how youthful the skin on the back of my hands is.”   Mr M.B. has since telephoned to say that after three months of using the supplements his long-term gout has gone.

Cardiovascular Disease

Ms C.J. of Birmingham reports — “Hi, I'd like to tell you my story, back in December 2004 I was taken into hospital I was feeling dreadful, coughing, pains in my chest I thought that it may be a heart attack. After a few days they diagnosed that I had C O P D which is chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. When I came out of hospital I had to have a mobile oxygen bottle and still found it hard to even walk around my flat. Then I started to take the products I had only been taking it a few weeks, when I had to see my doctor at the hospital. The results were astonishing. Over Christmas my lung capacity count was 25, now it is 185. He said “I have no need to see you any more”, and gave me a discharge note. Since then I am going from strength to strength. I have increased my hours at work, I find shopping a real pleasure and am able to walk for hours without pain. I have even bought an exercise bike. Thank you.”

Mr. R.W. of Texas wrote to Arkworld’s President — “Just a note to say once again thank you Mark for your insight and vision with the company and its products. As you know when I met you back in April, I was in quite some discomfort, at 47 my body due to many factors was bloated, over weight and tingling with numbness, my ankles swollen and if not numb or falling asleep, achy. As I listened to your testimony I was impressed with your love for your Dad and God. You have taken that and transferred it towards others through the company. You gave me a sample of your product that lasted me 7 days. During that time my body went through some not so comfortable detoxing by day 4 I noticed that the swelling in my feet was nearly gone and the feeling was coming back. At the weekend my wife was impressed at the fact I wasn’t limping around or using my cane. …I still haven’t made the time for routine exercise which I know I need, however even without it; I was on 11 prescription drugs for my asthma, diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, allergies and pain. I have not had to take any Zyrtec (allergy drug) in the last 5 weeks, Terbutaline (lung congestion drug) in the last 5 weeks, Tricor (cholesterol drug) in the last 3 weeks and I’ve only had to take my anti-inflammatory / pain pill once in the past 6 wks and that was because I over did it on my bad knee at the church picnic. What a start! I cant wait to see 6 months from now what God has in store. I hope to get the lungs, heart and diabetes under control as well. The best thing above all is the energy I feel with our product. … Thanks again and God bless you and your company as we reach out to share the good news and results that can be attained if given the chance.”

BBC’s “Inside Out” features Jack Shields, who suffered from a rare condition of the cardiovascular system, which predisposed him to have strokes. "After being diagnosed with Cadasil he was not prepared to go away, take the aspirin and die. Instead, he searched for a treatment. …Three years ago he began taking L-Arginine. It's an amino-acid, which opens the blood vessels." He used Ark 1, the Pink Drink, which makes a brief appearance!

The leading marketing expert, Kerwin Rae, suffered a stroke. In this YouTube clip he personally describes how he suffered serious problems with mental clarity, mental acuity, short term memory and recall. He took Arkworld's Ark 1 'Pink Drink', which he describes as a "profound drink" with fantastic results both for his specific difficulties and his "general wellbeing". He advises, "Check it out and try it out for yourself and see what it does for you - you wont be sorry."


Mr C.B. of Bucks — “I have woken up every morning for about 2 years with a splitting headache and tension at the back of my head. I haven't been getting them at all since taking the product.”

Dr Roderick Lane, one of the world’s leading naturopaths, prescribes Arkworld products. He has published a number of interesting articles on the LinkedIn EU Naturopathic Group site, including this one about headaches — “Just had a very interesting result using Ark1 with a cluster migraine client who has both cluster and 2 other distinct migraine type headaches. There is not a moment of her life when one of the forms of migraine are not beginning to build. This has resulted in periods of deep medical sedation, psychiatric care and a life of misery. The affect of the Ark1 was alarming her immediate pain and cranial presser just 'went' when it hit the blood stream. This may not be the perfect solution long term but to be able to walk, talk and smile with no pain is for her a massive victory." 

"Cluster headache are a rare type of headache that affects about 1 to 2 people in every 1,000. It is one of the most painful conditions an individual can experience, described as excruciating and even more debilitating than migraine. This fact sheet aims to give you key information on cluster headache, its management and treatment.

"What are the symptoms? The symptoms of cluster headache are very typical. The pain in your head is always unilateral (one sided), although for some people the side can vary from time to time. The pain is usually centred over one eye, one temple or the forehead. It can spread to a larger area making diagnosis harder.

"During a bout of cluster headache the pain is often experienced at a similar time each day. The headache often starts at night waking people one to two hours after they have gone to sleep. The pain usually reaches its full intensity within 5 to 10 minutes and lasts at this agonising level for between 30 and 60 minutes. For some people the pain can last for 15 minutes, for others 3 hours has been known. It then stops, usually fairly abruptly.

"You can experience the head pain every other day during a bout, or up to 8 times per day during a bad cluster.  In about 80% of people with cluster headache the bouts (or “clusters”) of head pain last for 4 to 12 weeks once a year often at the same time and often in the Spring or Autumn. It may then disappear for several months or even years. This is known as episodic cluster headache. The reason for this seasonal timing is not completely known, although it is one of the key aspects of diagnosis and may involve a brain area called the hypothalamus. The remaining 20% of people do not have these pain free intervals and are said to have “chronic cluster headache.” People with cluster headache are usually unable to keep still during an attack and often try to relieve the agonising pain by pacing the room or walking outside, sometimes even banging their heads against a wall until the pain subsides.

"Other symptoms which are characteristic of cluster headache are a blocked or runny nose, and on the same side of the head as the pain, a drooping eyelid and watering and redness of one eye. Many people also experience a flushed or sweating face. Migraine is often crippling for the sufferer. The proscribed medications are often as bad as the problem long term. I had forgotten the old school orthomolecular route of using a stacked L-Arginine formula and a glycaemic control diet, sometimes its the simple strategies that work the best."


Ms E.M. of Hove

Ms E.M. of Hove — “I am 33 years old and have 3 children, my life is very demanding and hectic as you can imagine. Ever since I was a teenager I suffered from extremely painful headaches, which were sometimes followed by sickness. As I got older, in my twenties I had them more often and they gradually got worse than ever. They totally controlled my life. I went to bed with a headache and woke up with one. My days started with Paracetemol and ended with Ibroprufen I had to sleep for at least 1 hour as soon as I got home from work, before even speaking to anyone and saying “honey I’m home” I did not have a life, my family life suffered and I could not enjoy watching my children grow, it had made my life a misery. I was in a bad mood most of the time and was totally dissatisfied as I was incapable of doing anything. My energy levels were so low that I even felt a need to use the car to get to the newsagent on the top of the road, 200 yds away. I put weight on as I was so inactive and then I was even more unhappy, it was a vicious circle that I was stuck in, I never left my house without pain killers and all along I was poisoning myself day by day. Then, my friend of 12 years called me. He knew of my illness and he suggested I try the Arginine and Micro Nutrition product. I was taking the product for 5 days before I realized that during those 5 days I did not have a headache!! I also have incredible energy levels, I run around all day long. I now love walking and have enrolled in the gym (which is unheard of) I have my own business a house full of people 2 demanding young boys and a 1 yr old girl who requires my attention 24/7. I have also lost weight without even trying to and people have noticed. My skin looks and feels totally different and for the first time in my life I actually FEEL healthy. I wake at 7 am now with no problem and I feel focused and clear minded all the time. Since taking the products I’ve not had one headache and I can say it has changed my life and my kids are very happy with their new mum!! I feel fantastic!!”

Miss H.K. of Bucks testifies — “Doing Maths A level and not sleeping through the stress. The pink drink is the only thing keeping me going. Normally id feel awful in the morning if id not slept, but I feel fine.”

Ms S.K. of Longwick — “I was getting panicky tight feelings in my chest with the pressure of work, but they have now gone completely” .

Sports, Gym and Body Building

Miss A.C. of Hove — "I first started to really notice results when I went to the gym. I took the pink drink in a sports bottle with me and found that I was running quicker and for 50% longer, I have also lost body fat and noticed that fine lines around my eyes have gone. I also developed the first stages of cervical cancer and avoided having laser treatment because within 2 months the cells had cleared up. The optimum nutrition that I am receiving and arginine have really transformed the way I have been feeling, I now don’t have to take painkillers for PMT as the products are a great substitute and its kept me going through all the stress and extra hours I’ve been working and thank you for making this possible and giving me my dream!”

Mr. M.N. of Scotland writes — “I'm an active runner and swimmer, but my training can be irregular, depending on the demands of work. Two weeks after starting to take Arginine and micro nutrition, I went for a morning swim and despite not having done any training for a few months, my 800 metre time was 2 minutes faster than my previous best, with the same level of effort. This is a significant result, given my training history”.

Mr McK of Belfast wrote — "Having been working in the fitness industry for the last 10 years as a fitness instructor, personal trainer, sports therapist and fitness manager I have seen many products that have worked on muscular endurance and muscular strength but have had undesired side effects. For example, Creatine* making me very dehydrated and giving me slight headaches. I train a minimum of 5 times a week and as every sports person, athlete or individual who takes his training seriously knows, he or she has to spend money on some nutritional products. I put the Pink Drink on trial in my training program, which lasts approx 1 hour on muscular strength and endurance. I took 2 scoops in a 500ml juice bottle; I drank half 40 minutes pre-workout and took small sips during workout. I found during my workout that my recovery was quicker between sets of exercises and my duration of repetitions was longer. I also felt I had more energy, which resulted in pushing an extra set of 10 repetitions on each split-body part. At the end I even felt like jumping on the treadmill for 20 minutes - but unfortunately needed to get back to work! Another area that I tested was the effect on body fat. As a man reaches his thirties it becomes progressively harder to shift body fat from around his middle unless he exercises hard at least 6 times a week. To make it a true test of the fat burning properties of the product, I did NO cardiovascular exercises at all for 6 weeks and restricted my training to weights and other non-fat burning exercises. At the beginning of the 6 weeks I was holding about 18% body fat and over that period I lost around 3%, which is a lot considering the relatively small amount I was holding at the start. Excellent workout, excellent recovery and not to forget the excellent pump."


Ms L.R. of Bournemouth states — “I couldn’t walk quarter of a mile on Thursday without sitting down for a rest. I started on the products on Friday morning and by Monday walked all around the pedestrian part of Woburn Safari park including hills! Not had to take asthma inhaler at all since starting on product!”


Ms S.G. – “I developed a foot infection, which started on the Saturday night. By the time I got home I could barely walk. I went to A&E because I thought that I had fractured my foot, it was that bad. I was told I had an infection and was offered antibiotics but refused. I came home and took several scoops of the product and made a drink and by Monday morning I was walking again by Tuesday it had cleared up.”

Ms S.G. of Farnham — “My mother had a very bad rash that was never identified by the various doctors that tried to diagnose the problem. The skin condition makes her skin go hard and crack into open wounds all over her body. She has been on steroids and various medications and was hospitalised for 3 weeks last year. She has had many sleepless nights and has found it very hard to deal with. Within 5 days of taking the product the itching stopped and her skin is clearing up. She also has more movement in her hips since she had her hips replaced.”

Mr T.S. of Ipswich writes, “Last year [2013] I had my right hip replaced and experienced a fairly reasonable rate of recovery (1st phase 6 weeks).   Since then I have started taking the Pink Drink.   This year I had my left hip replaced and my carer and I noticed my return to mobility, walking and healing were all much quicker.   Taking the Pink Drink roughly doubled my rate of healing to 2-3 weeks rather than 5-6 weeks, as can be verified by my carer, who helped me with the first replacement also.   As a qualified nurse I can confidently say that Pink Drink doubled the rate of healing.”

Ms C.B. of London writes," Breast cancer and me,

"As someone who considers herself pretty fit and health conscious I was alarmed to find a lump in my breast and to have a cancer diagnosis confirmed. Like most people I was apprehensive of the course of treatment I had signed up for by seeking a formal diagnosis, and although I met kind and caring people in the NHS and Iwas the centre of their attention, the focus was very much on “fixing the cancer”. I immediately made an appointment with Roderick Lane to seek his Naturopathic wisdom and support for the whole of me. He prescribed daily use of an amazing product   Ark 1 which would support my system right down to a cellular level, assist in removing the cancer and protect me from the side effects of Allopathic treatment.
"My initial tests had shown possible lymph nodeinvolvement, but by the time a biopsy was done they were clear. Surgery went well and I was discharged 20 hours after the operation. The dressings came off in 48 hours and my healing was considered excellent by the time the stiches came out 12 days later. All of which I attribute to the beneficial effecton my circulation and cellular regenerationof taking Ark1.
After a break it was back again for a course of radiotherapy.  I opted for a clinical trial which reduced my hospital visits from 23 to 15 but increased the radiation dose I was given each day. As size 32GG with fair skin (which sunburnseasily), I was warned to expect a severe skin reaction, advised to go and get soft comfortable cotton clothes and to be prepared for significant discomfort.Roderick assured me that Ark1 would protect me from all this and how right he was.  At the beginning of the third week I had a mild rash which passed in a couple of days; radiation reactions continue after the treatment is over and 3 weeks on I developed a round patch of “sunburn” over the site of the tumour and highest radiation dose; this itched but not unbearably, and then peeled a little, before calming down and fading away.I continued to wear my pretty underwired bras throughout and was asked by the specialist nurse to explain what I’d done to have such a minimal reaction,( in case they could learn from my experience).
"At my post radiotherapy check-up the doctor told me my healing was amazing, she could find no trace of scar tissue from either the surgery 6 months ago or from the recent radiotherapy – another star for Ark 1.
"I have now completed my treatment and continue to take Ark1 - the pink fairy or “fairy” as has become known in my household - as a valuable supplement to protect me from a recurrence of the cancer and for my general health and wellbeing. I shall always be grateful to Roderick for his unstinting support and encouragement throughout and for his introduction to Ark1(my Pink Fairy!)"


Case study by Dr Roderick Lane:

"Camilla had been to her GP for three years displaying all of the symptoms of a Hypothyroid condition. Yet as is often found in many cases her T3/T4 levels were described as 'borderline' with a TSH in the 'normal range'.  A daily supplement of a combined ARK 1 formula combined with potassium iodide and iodine produced a steady change over two weeks. Camilla is now so happy with the feeling of being normal. She uses twitter to inform others of her progress.  Twitter @Camilladresses"


DISCLAIMER: These are the testimonials as received from people using L-arginine supplementation and should not be taken as statements or representations by this website as to how L-arginine may benefit you.