• With Arkworld skin does more than 'Keep Your Insides In'

    Many users of Arginine supplementation report significant improvements in their skin condition.   This is not surprising because Arginine can boost the release of human growth hormone, which is anti-ageing (a 1,100% increase in healthy women was found taking an infusion of 30g a day – “The Lancet” 2 (1965), 688).   Also, oral Arginine supplementation can help in healing wounds (please see for instance “The Arginine Solution”, pages 174 – 177).

    In 1998 I suffered a very severe leg injury.   When the plaster cast was finally removed after some 6 months I found to my consternation that the skin on my leg was covered in small red patches.   My GP advised me that this was where my skin had worn thin and was showing the lower skin layers.   This condition was, he opined, irreversible.   For the next 14 years this seemed correct, but now after a years’ regular use of the Pink Drink I find that about 90% of the patches have disappeared.   I remain hopeful that they will all soon be gone.

    Another satisfied user of the Pink Drink is Ms S.G., of Farnham, who writes of herself and her Mum:

    I developed a foot infection, which started on the Saturday night. By the time I got home I could barely walk. I went to A & E because I thought that I had fractured my foot, it was that bad. I was told I had an infection and was offered antibiotics but refused. I came home and took several scoops of the product and made a drink and by Monday morning I was walking again and by Tuesday it had cleared up.”

    My mother had a very bad rash that was never identified by the various doctors that tried to diagnose the problem. The skin condition makes her skin go hard and crack into open wounds all over her body. She has been on steroids and various medications and was hospitalised for 3 weeks last year. She has had many sleepless nights and has found it very hard to deal with. Within 5 days of taking the product the itching stopped and her skin is clearing up. She also has more movement in her hips since she had her hips replaced.”

    I have previously published the testimonial of Mr. P.G. of Hove:

    I am a professional tennis coach and in recent years I discovered my blood pressure was high. Since taking Arginine and Micro Nutrition my blood pressure readings have both dropped by about 10 points. I also noticed greater energy levels including better performances in the gym particularly quicker recovery times. My skin, which suffers being exposed to outside elements, has also improved, due to better circulation.”


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