• Don't miss YouTube for well presented information about Arginine Supplementation.

    There is a wealth of video information on YouTube from experts about the wonder of L-arginine in both protecting health and boosting energy and sporting endurance.

    YouTube kindly send me links every week.   Last week I was directed to the video of Dr Jay Wilkins (link: designsbymel), who talks eloquently of the value of L-arginine supplementation.   He recommends soluble powder supplements with L-citruline (to prolong ADNO production), vitamins C and E and trace minerals (to enhance absorption).

    Also, on YouTube is a talk by Dr Harry Eldwardt (pictured below), who has kindly been very supportive of Arkworld ( click ‘Products’ and then click on ‘Doctors’ to see his article on ADNO).   Dr Eldwardt speaks of the 300,000 Americans dying every week, of whom about 100,000 are actually athletes.   Cardiovascular health and physical fitness are not the same thing.   He tells a moving story about his father, who was given drugs for high blood pressure.   One drug caused another problem, which was treated with another till after five years he died because of his medication.   Tragically his father said, “Five years ago I was feeling good.”   Dr Eldwardt is rightly scathing about cheap supplements, which are synthesized in laboratories and “do absolutely nothing.  The body does not recognize them; “The body needs natural things.”


    In the latest batch of recommended YouTube clips is a talk by Dr Thomas Burke, which is powerful if somewhat dated in the choice of reported studies.   Some of the comments under the talk are very much to the point.   Harrold M asks, “Why isn’t this information on billboards or on the side of a truck! This would throw half a million people out of a wheelchair and back on their feet!”   Isabella Riggs writes,But pharmaceutical companies would be out of business if EVERYBODY knew about this! It's all about money!!!!


    On this Website’s ADNO page I provide a link to the YouTube clip, in which leading marketing expert, Kerwin Rae, describes how Ark 1 had a “profound” impact on his problems with mental clarity, short term memory and recall following a serious stroke


    Also, you can find a past edition of the BBC’s “Inside Out” coverage of how Arkworld’s Ark 1 helped Jack Shields, who suffers from Cadasil, which predisposes him to have strokes to stay alive: "After being diagnosed with Cadasil he was not prepared to go away, take the aspirin and die. Instead, he searched for a treatment. ....Three years ago he began taking L-Arginine. It's an amino-acid, which opens the blood vessels." At 4.09 you will see that he takes Ark 1


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