• Texan praises Arkworld supplements for reduced swelling and increased energy

    Mr W of Texas of Texas was so impressed by the Arkwold supplements that he wrote to the President (pictured below) to tell him: 

    "Just a note to say once again thank you Mark for your insight and vision with the company and its products. As you know when I met you back in April, I was in quite some   discomfort, at 47 my body due to many factors was bloated, over weight and tingling with numbness, my ankles swollen and if not numb or falling asleep, achy. As I listened to your testimony I was impressed with your love for your Dad and God. You have taken that and transferred it towards others through the company. You gave me a sample of your product that lasted me 7 days.

    "During that time my body went through some not so comfortable detoxing by day 4 I noticed that the swelling in my feet was nearly gone and the feeling was coming back. At the weekend my wife was impressed at the fact I wasn’t limping around or using my cane.  ...... I still haven’t made the time for routine exercise which I know I need, however even without it; I was on 11 prescription drugs for my asthma, diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, allergies and pain. I have not had to take any Zyrtec (allergy drug) in the last 5 weeks, Terbutaline (lung congestion drug) in the last 5 weeks, Tricor (cholesterol drug) in the last 3 weeks and I’ve only had to take my anti-inflammatory / pain pill once in the past 6 wks and that was because I over did it on my bad knee at the church picnic. What a start! I cant wait to see 6 months from now what God has in store. I hope to get the lungs, heart and diabetes under control as well. The best thing above all is the energy I feel with our product. ..... Thanks again and God bless you and your company as we reach out to share the good news and results that can be attained if given the chance."


    Inspired by the premature death of his father the President's life mission is to spread word of the importance of good quality micro-nutritional supplements in prevention of illness.

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