• For body-building and working out Arkworld's Ark 1 is essential

    As you know, Jeff Golini (pictured below) was such a great Mr Universe that he was known as "the Eighth Wonder of the World".   He is the lead formulator of Arkworld's Pink Drink.   Top sportsman and top teams take Ark 1.   If you have not seen it already, go to: for reference to independent research by the University of Exeter showing how the Pink Drink can:

      improve severe-intensity exercise endurance by 20%

      significantly reduce systolic blood pressure

      reduce the oxygen cost of exercise

    A University in America did a research programme on Ark 1 in the last academic year and the results were so astounding that they have decided to re-run all tests before publishing.   I started taking Ark 1 for sporting purposes, but then I found how much it did for me in normal life.   Many body-builders, kick-boxers, kettle-bell trainers etc. have attested to the amazing boost Ark 1 gives them and how Ark 3 helps them in their recovery too.   Here is just one such account: 

    Mr McK of Belfast wrote:

    "Having been working in the fitness industry for the last 10 years as a fitness instructor, personal trainer, sports therapist and fitness manager I have seen many products that have worked on muscular endurance and muscular strength but have had undesired side effects. For example, Creatine* making me very dehydrated and giving me slight headaches. I train a minimum of 5 times a week and as every sports person, athlete or individual who takes his training seriously knows, he or she has to spend money on some nutritional products.

    "I put the Pink Drink on trial in my training program, which lasts approx 1 hour on muscular strength and endurance. I took 2 scoops in a 500ml juice bottle; I drank half 40 minutes pre-workout and took small sips during workout. I found during my workout that my recovery was quicker between sets of exercises and my duration of repetitions was longer. I also felt I had more energy, which resulted in pushing an extra set of 10 repetitions on each split-body part. At the end I even felt like jumping on the treadmill for 20 minutes - but unfortunately needed to get back to work!

    "Another area that I tested was the effect on body fat. As a man reaches his thirties it becomes progressively harder to shift body fat from around his middle unless he exercises hard at least 6 times a week. To make it a true test of the fat burning properties of the product, I did NO cardiovascular exercises at all for 6 weeks and restricted my training to weights and other non-fat burning exercises. At the beginning of the 6 weeks I was holding about 18% body fat and over that period I lost around 3%, which is a lot considering the relatively small amount I was holding at the start. Excellent workout, excellent recovery and not to forget the excellent pump."

    *Don't miss Jeff Golini's "The Dangers of Creatinine" (Booklocker)

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