• Users attribute greater energy to Arkworld products.

    Mrs L of Hove found that Arkworld supplements gave her energy to cope with night duty and incidentally cured her chronic sinus problem.   She writes, “Professionally I am an RGN working as a full time night nurse at St Dunstan. I was amazed with my energy levels since taking the products during the “twilight” hours of my night duty and how awake I feel!! I have always taken daily Sudafed tablets for my sinuses, which have been troublesome for some 5 years. However since May 1st I have not had to take any Sudafed!


    Whilst her partner, Mr D, found his blood pressure and skin much improved: “I am a professional tennis coach and in recent years I discovered my blood pressure was high. Since taking Arginine and Micro Nutrition my blood pressure readings have both dropped by about 10 points. I also noticed greater energy levels including better performances in the gym particularly quicker recovery times. My skin, which suffers being exposed to outside elements, has also improved, due to better circulation.”


    They are pictured above at an eat as much as you can breakfast bar in Florida - they will be needing extra Pink Drink!


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