• BBC's "Long Live Britain" was ignorant of the importance of Arginine

    "Long Live Britain" concentrated of what it rightly described as "three silent killers", namely cardiovascular disease, diabetes and liver disease.  Sadly and despite the award of the Nobel Prize in 1998 for work showing the importance of Arginine Derived Nitric Oxide (ADNO) in preventing and reversing cardiovascular disease the programme limited itself to sensible recommendations on diet, exercise and abstinence.  The BBC should know about Arginine and the Pink Drink as it featured them in the "Inside Out" programme about Jack Shields (please see earlier blog for link).

    What is more In people with diabetes the endothelium (the vessel forming the walls of the arteries) makes too much superoxide anion and destroys ADNO.   Arginine is well established to minimize the vascular impact of diabetes and there is much to suggest that it may have a direct improving effect.

    Many of the participants in the programme were obese and/or had little exercise and/or had very bad diets and yet they seemed utterly surprised to hear that they were at heightened risk from the 'silent killers'.   One lady, who was conspicuously unfit and over-weight and who had already suffered heart problems eight years before seemed dumbfounded to be told that her cardiovascular system was damaged.   One of the guest celebrities, Crissy Rock of Benidorm fame (pictured above) shrewdly observed, "Everyone wants to look good on the outside, but you don't know what's going on on the inside."   Most people however take no interest in their insides, or in prevention of illness.   When I was at a fair recently I lost count of the people who said something along the lines of, "I don't need supplements, mate, I have a triple bypass" as if major cardiovascular surgery was a guarantee of eternal health, rather than a serious warning of underlying ill health.

    Don't forget that Arginine also releases growth hormone, which has an anti-ageing effect and helps you look good on the outside as well.

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