• Ignorance of the importance of Arginine supplementation persists.

    In his book, “NO More Heart Disease”, Dr Louis Ignarro (Nobel Laureate), writes:


    Perhaps you discover from discussing your vital stats with your doctor that you must lower your blood pressure and pulse rates and tone your vessels by reducing constriction in order to keep the blood flowing rhythmically to every cell in your body.  The task seems less daunting if you understand the restorative properties of nitric oxide, which is produced in the arteries.   NO helps preserve the elasticity of all vessels, because it is a ‘signal molecule’ that tells the blood vessels to increase in width or dilate.

    Repairing the damage wrought by cardiovascular disease without risky and often ineffective surgery had long been considered impossible.   I was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine for making that thinking obsolete.   Now we know we can reverse cardiovascular impairment naturally – with the body’s internally manufactured ‘wonder drug,’ nitric oxide.” (page 47)


    Certainly Arginine supplementation is essential for the health of every adult in the western world, but despite the recognition of the Nobel Prize the limited thinking of the medical profession persists.   I met a leading heart surgeon last month, who was entirely unaware of the importance of Arginine.   What is more he was quite uninterested.


    When we were at the Sussex Country Fair spreading the word about Arkworld, I met a man, who looked to be around 60 years of age.   He was upright, bright eyed and vigorous.   He told me he was over 80.   He was and had been all his life a gamekeeper.   I asked about his diet and he told me that he mainly ate game, even out of season from his freezer.   I told him that he clearly did not need Arginine supplementation because of his diet and his wonderful vigour; he had had sufficient Arginine throughout his life from wild game meat.   The striking thing was, he told me, that he had three brothers, one older and two younger.   His brothers had not been gamekeepers and two were dead and the other debilitated by heart disease.   If only his brothers had had Arginine supplementation.

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