• Exercise, Good Health and Arginine

    There is no doubt that exercise is a key part of good health.   Exercise should not be taken, of course, to be an exclusive panacea.   I suggest that good health has at least  three legs: exercise, good nutrition and arguably
    spiritual  development.   Dr Henry Soloman (cardiologist) reviewed  2,200 medical articles and concluded that exercise does not,  of itself, slow the progression of coronary artery disease.    Also, as Dr Di Nubile, the writer of the article under  discussion, notes it is possible to have too much exercise.    Over-exercise can be as bad as no exercise.   Dr Harry  Eldwardt notes ( that fitness is not the same as good health and many fit athletes succumb to cardiovascular disease.   Appropriate exercise is vital and boosts the all-important Nitric Oxide in our blood.   We can, of course, get the best of exercise and nutrition by taking L-arginine supplementation ( as Arginine Derived Nitric Oxide protects and restores the cardiovascular system and at the same time boosts our capacity to exercise.
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