• Ark 1, L-arginine and Recovery from Breast Cancer Treatment

    Ms C.B. of London writes," Breast cancer and me,
    As someone who considers herself pretty fit and health conscious I was alarmed to find a lump in my breast and to have a cancer diagnosis confirmed. Like most people I was apprehensive of the course of treatment I had signed up for by seeking a formal diagnosis, and although I met kind and caring people in the NHS and Iwas the centre of their attention, the focus was very much on “fixing the cancer”. I immediately made an appointment with Roderick Lane to seek his Naturopathic wisdom and support for the whole of me. He prescribed daily use of an amazing product   Ark 1 which would support my system right down to a cellular level, assist in removing the cancer and protect me from the side effects of Allopathic treatment.
    "My initial tests had shown possible lymph nodeinvolvement, but by the time a biopsy was done they were clear. Surgery went well and I was discharged 20 hours after the operation. The dressings came off in 48 hours and my healing was considered excellent by the time the stiches came out 12 days later. All of which I attribute to the beneficial effecton my circulation and cellular regenerationof taking Ark1.
    After a break it was back again for a course of radiotherapy.  I opted for a clinical trial which reduced my hospital visits from 23 to 15 but increased the radiation dose I was given each day. As size 32GG with fair skin (which sunburnseasily), I was warned to expect a severe skin reaction, advised to go and get soft comfortable cotton clothes and to be prepared for significant discomfort.Roderick assured me that Ark1 would protect me from all this and how right he was.  At the beginning of the third week I had a mild rash which passed in a couple of days; radiation reactions continue after the treatment is over and 3 weeks on I developed a round patch of “sunburn” over the site of the tumour and highest radiation dose; this itched but not unbearably, and then peeled a little, before calming down and fading away.I continued to wear my pretty underwired bras throughout and was asked by the specialist nurse to explain what I’d done to have such a minimal reaction,( in case they could learn from my experience).
    At my post radiotherapy check-up the doctor told me my healing was amazing, she could find no trace of scar tissue from either the surgery 6 months ago or from the recent radiotherapy – another star for Ark 1.
    "I have now completed my treatment and continue to take Ark1 - the pink fairy or “fairy” as has become known in my household - as a valuable supplement to protect me from a recurrence of the cancer and for my general health and wellbeing. I shall always be grateful to Roderick for his unstinting support and encouragement throughout and for his introduction to Ark1(my Pink Fairy!)"


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