• Ark 1, Energy and Headaches.

    Ms D L'B of Jersey writes, "About a year ago and in spite of leaving a very stressful job and managing to have a six month break, I was still feeling rather deflated with no real energy. I had a permanent headache and a real lack of enthusiasm to do anything. I went and saw Dr Roderick Lane, a naturopath whom I have seen on and off for several years. I felt comfortable that with his knowledge and experience he would be in a  position to listen and to fully understand what I needed to get me back on track.

    "Apart from a few other supplements, Roderick recommended ARK1, something I had never heard of before, but was willing to try. I did my own online research and found the website I needed with all the product information I needed fully to understand what the product could do for me, I then ordered a couple of tubs and because I live in Jersey had the added postage challenge that we all experience over here, but I was pleased to have obtained something which I hoped would help.

    "I, as instructed took two 3/4 scoops in water one in the morning and the other in the evening and in a couple of weeks started to notice a big difference in my energy levels and for a change, I was feeling energised. It has a great taste and is really easy to drink which I think makes a difference as many other products do not taste as good or have the great results this does. 

    "I then with Arkworld's help became a local distributor for ARK products, which I am really happy to be able to supply to Jersey residents. Not only from my own personal experience can I recommend this whole heartedly, but also by the repeat customers that return to me every month or so to obtain their supplies of a wonderful product."

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