• Osteoporosis, brittle bones and the need for Antioxidants like L-arginine

    Have you seen reports of the study by Duer et al, published in “Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences”?   There was, for instance, a report in the “Times” of 25th March, 2014.


    What makes older people more vulnerable to broken bones?   It was conventional thinking that the answer was problems with calcium.   The new study identifies the gel-like substance within our bones, which is called citrate.   Citrate, a type of “goo”, acts as a lubricant on a nanoscopic scale, allowing calcium crystals to pass each other smoothly rather than grinding together.   It is suggested that changes in bone structure can cause citrate to escape leading to brittleness and osteoporosis.   A shift in focus is required, they say, in the treatment of brittle bones to concentrate on preserving the bone structure better to retain the citrate.   Dr Melinda Duer, the leading researcher in the University of Cambridge paper says, “This would suggest eating food with lots of antioxidants would be more helpful.”


    Oxidation is the root of cardiovascular disease and many other malfunctions of the body.   Another good reason to consider Ark1 (“the Pink Drink”) stacked with L-arginine (the “miracle molecule”) and other antioxidants and Ark2 (designed to boost Ark1) with Co-enzyme Q10 and other antioxidants.



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