• Sir David Frost dies of heart attack, while Mrs O benefits from Arkworld.

    So it is "goodbye and well done" to Sir David.   He is just the latest and most famous loss to heart disease, which is the number one killer in the West.   

    Everyone over 30 should be taking Ark 1 (the Pink Drink) and Ark 2 with co-enzyme Q10 (a supreme antioxidant, which research has shown not only protects, but also helps recovery from heart attacks  - please see previous news items).

    Pictured below is Mrs O of Sussex, who is in her ninth decade.   She started taking the Pink Drink just two weeks ago and now for the first time in three years she is walking outside for recreation and going further each day.    Ageing need not be a vicious circle.  

    Supplementation is not just for the older person.   Even young seemingly fit men killed in war have been found to have fatty deposits in their arteries.  You can improve your sporting performance (like top cyclist, Tom Gakes - previous item),  your health and long-term health prospects all at the same time by nutritional supplementation.



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