• Arkworld Customer with Liver Problems praises Ark 1

    Mrs. L.M. of Scotland writes: 

    "I have been diagnosed with a liver condition and, other than using a low fat diet; there is no known cure available on NHS.  After 18 months of constant blood tests, scans and all the usual investigations, I am no further forward and at the stage where I am willing to try anything. Having been told of Arginine and read of how it affects the body as a whole but in particular, the liver, I feel that Arginine is my magic potion.   I have been using Arginine for two weeks now and experienced weird and wonderful things in this time. I have lost a lot of interest in cigarettes and have cut down drastically with no concentrated effort at all.  My hair shines and my skin glows once again and I seem to be losing the puffiness in my face and ankles.  I know my system is now breaking down the fats in my liver, my kidneys seem to be dealing with the fluid retention and I have had no gall bladder pain at all in this time.  I have to see the consultant again in a few months and will be interested to know the results of the blood tests this time I have now just received my second order of Arginine having miscalculated as my son is also using it. He was diagnosed with ME when he was about 18 and is now 26. He’s coped wonderfully well and now holds down a very demanding and   stressful job but must sleep in advance in order to deal with the demands of his busy life.  After 3 days on    Arginine, he said that he felt “A haze had lifted”.

    "But beware the side effects of Arginine – somehow, it inspires my son to go out and buy paint and thereafter persuade his mum to help him paint both sitting room and hall. Two weeks ago, I didn’t have the energy to paint a kiddies’ colouring book, far less walls. I feel sure that something magic is happening."

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