• Leading Expert on Arginine says Low Blood Pressue is good

    Low Blood Pressure

     Professor John P. Cooke wrote "The Cardiovascular Cure" when Director of Vascular Medicine at Stanford University.   At page 6 he writes, "In my opinion, the lower your blood pressure, the better.  Obviously, if your blood pressure is too low, you will faint.   But I tell my patients that their blood pressure should be just high enough to keep them from falling over.   Even if your blood pressure is as low as 90/60 but you can stand without trouble, this is healthy and, in the long run, better for your heart and vessels."

    This makes perfect sense.   I just regret that such enlightenment had not dawned in the 1990s, when my poor father was given drugs and caused distress, because his blood pressure wasbelow average.   He died of a massive stroke.


    “We were beginning to realize the power of L-arginine; even patients whose blood vessels were impaired by high cholesterol, L-arginine increased production of nitric oxide, which improved vessel health. It was remarkable that an amino acid could help restore blood flow at all, let alone so rapidly.” (Ibid, page 19)

    Coenzyme Q10

    "Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is an antioxidant made by the body that helps vitamins C and E to detoxify superoxide anion.  CoQ10 also reduces the oxidation of cholesterol in the blood vessel wall.

    "CoQ10 is widely used in Europe and Japan. The best data to support its use come from clinical trials in patients with heart failure. In these individuals, CoQ10 improves shortness of breath and reduces hospitalizations. (Several medications reduce levels of CoQ10, notably statins or cholesterol-lowering medications.  Some nutritionists add coQ10 to the regimen of patients taking statins." (Ibid, page 212)


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