• A Recent Survey Reports on the Impact of Cardiovascular Disease on our Sex Lives

    A satisfying sex life often proves impossible for people with cardiovascular disease.   A survey by the British Health Foundation published in June found that 19% of people with a heart condition found sex impossible, while 32% were restricted.   14% lost interest in sex because of the stress of their condition and 46% of men reported erectile dysfunction related in part to medication.   According to the survey over 7 million people in the UK suffer from cardiovascular problems, meaning that this blights the sex lives of over a million people.  


    This is a double tragedy for those people, whose lives are harmed by cardiovascular disease and the drugs prescribed for it, because L-arginine supplementation (recognized by the 1998 Nobel Prize) could protect, restore, or at the very least improve, their cardiovascular health, while at the same time directly improving their sex lives.  


    When you take the natural amino acid (found naturally in high quantities in the game meat we used to eat in our hunter-gatherer days), L-arginine, it is converted into Nitric Oxide in the blood.   Arginine Derived Nitric Oxide (ADNO) is now the subject of over 200,000 medical papers.   ADNO resists oxidisation of cholesterol in the walls of the arteries as well as clearing deposits, stabilizing potential breakaway growths and relaxing the endothelium to reduce blood pressure.   As one of the Nobel Laureates, Dr Louis Ignarro, explains in his book, “NO More Heart Disease”, ADNO (ideally combined with good nutrition and reasonable exercise) is the key to cardiovascular health.


    At the same time, while ADNO may stop you worrying about poor cardiovascular health, it can also improve sexual health itself in men and women.   Dr Ignarro writes, “…our research has demonstrated that [AD]NO can improve blood flow to the penis by stimulating the production of cylic GMP directly in the erectile tissue.   High levels of [AD]NO can raise cylic GMP concentrations by a startling one hundred times.”   Dr Stephen T. Sinatra calls ADNO the “Poor/Smart Man’s Viagra.”   Have a look at these three short clips for more details (the last dealing specifically with sex):   Nor should we dwell too long on man, because “a healthy sexual response in women is as dependant on a well-functioning vasculature as it is in men.” (“The Arginine Revolution”).   For a complete summary please go to:





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