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    Curious Case of Lyme Disease. Roderick Lane Naturopath

    Roderick LaneNaturopath

    I started out writing this just to give some information concerning the case of lyme  disease that I came across. But upon browsing the internet I have  discovered thousands of people with thousands cures and tales of horror  and misery, all of whom had suffered from lyme disease.  In the UK Lyme  disease is very rarely diagnosed the variant that we have is far less aggressive and devastating than the one found on the continent or in the USA, in the USA Lyme disease can and has been a killer.  A client came to me, as is often the case, with a medical history file about the thickness of Mrs Beatons Complete Household Management. When trawling through the file and going through my 17 page questionnaire with them. It became obvious to me that there was some form of thyroid involvement, possibly subclinical, that needed to be addressed. I placed this person on relatively simple protocol that is taught at the naturopathic college. Protocol was  Lugols Iodine 15%.  Ark 1 twice a day.  Probiotics  Digestive enzymes  A month later they came back to me feeling considerably better, they also had a blood test which I was unaware of, that had been authorised by a different practitioner clutched in their hand. It would appear that they had a high level of lyme markers. Given that I was unaware that they had been advised to have a blood test for lyme, and this had not been mentioned in the initial consultation, I was somewhat bemused. For here was an individual who was obviously feeling better and getting better, and who clearly stated that they felt better, who had a high marker of lyme. Sometimes, as a practitioner, you have to sit and think and the wise old words of the now long dead psychiatrist came to me and they were “Roderick, what works, works!” Taking on this general principle, I did not change the protocol, but rather sent them off for another test, which when it returned showed approximately 85% drop in the marker. The strange thing is lyme is a remarkably difficult problem to treat it can effectively hide and after being successfully treated can sometimes emerge. Trawling the internet I came across a few interesting comments that people who have thyroid disorders are more prone to catching Lyme and iodine has been used very successfully in the past for the treatment of lyme. At the moment the world health organisation states that over half the world is deficient in iodine, and that his gross iodine. If we are to take into account the amount of the world that is suffering from marginal deficiency. We are looking at an epidemic of lack of iodine.  I can report that a third blood test showed no signs of Lyme or associated indicators and that the individual has happily continued on their travels and is now in the United States. I cautioned them that the best thing to do was to maintain the protocol containing iodine as iodine seems to be a critical factor in the prevention of this and many others still diseases. I also advised 6 monthly screening for lyme to ensure that it had actually gone.  Lyme will commonly mimic the following diseases, this is not an exhaustive list but you can begin to see the complexity and the problems caused by this nasty little bug.  Depression  Rheumatoid Arthritis.  ADHD  Multiple sclerosis.  Hypochondria.  Mental illness.  Fibromyalgia.  Chronic fatigue syndrome  Interestingly Crile in his 1932 edition of Diagnosis and Treatment of Diseases the Thyroid Gland. Mentions all of the above conditions has thyroid based and advocated both iodine and NDT (natural desiccated thyroid) as a treatment.  I do not believe that I have found total cure for Lyme, that would be both optimistic and somewhat ludicrous. But I have found a potential protocol that seems to cover so many of the things we are commonly confronted with that I would like to suggest that this is a very usable first port of call when confronted with the above symptoms of long standing.

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