• Statins, Tendons and Arkworld

    I have just been referred to a fascinating article on the relationship between some statins and tendon injury.   For the full text please go to:

    To wet your appetite here is just one paragraph:

    "Statins and Tendons

    "Muscle effects are the most common reported adverse effects of statins. Statin users were more likely to report musculoskeletal pain (5). Hypolipidemic therapy leads to diminution in the size of Achilles tendon xanthomas in patients with heterozygous familial hypercholesterolemia. Statin treatment reduces Achilles tendon thickness in hypercholesterolemia patients with normal Achilles tendon echostructure (6). Hypolipidemic therapy is associated with mobilization of tissue stores of cholesterol in these patients (7). Physiological repair of an injured tendon requires degradation and remodeling of the extracellular matrix through matrix metalloproteinases. Statins may increase the risk of tendon rupture by altering matrix metalloproteinases activity (8). Adverse effects of statins mainly occurred during the first year of treatment and appeared to be more frequent in patients with diabetes, hyperuricaemia or a history of tendon disorders, and in persons engaging in strenuous sports (9). The therapeutic effect of mixed loading exercises for the Achilles tendon may not be adequate to overcome the predisposition to rupture caused by hyperlipidaemia and statin medication (10)."


    If you refer to previous blogs you will see that L-arginine does everything statins can do without side effects + it attacks free radicals + it boosts the immune system + (particularly relevant to this article) it aids healing.


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