• New Research on Sugar and Why You Need Arginine

    We have known for over 40 years that sugar is bad for us (please see blogs passim).   The trouble is that sugar and, worse still many artificial sweeteners, are so nice.   They are in much of our food, including bread.  Indeed, Michael Moss, in his book, “Salt, Sugar, Fat” sets out research showing that sugar is addictive, especially for children.

    People often become ill quite unnecessarily because there is no good nutritional education.   Quite the reverse, as Michael Moss makes clear, the vested interest of processed food manufacturers tends to perpetuate ignorance as well as ill health.   There again sugar is really irresistible, at least till we have managed self-denial and suffered withdrawal for a week or so.

    Last month (see blogs passim) “Action against Sugar” sounded a strong call against sugar.   Earlier this month a very interesting article was published in JAMA Internal Medicine (, which covers research, which came to worrying but not surprising conclusions about sugar.

    It states that people whose consumption of sugar is about a quarter or more of their total daily calories have twice the risk of dying from heart disease than those who whose intake is 7%.   Those, whose intake of added sugar is about 19%, have a 38% greater chance of dying.

    Professor Laura Schmidt, of the University of California’s school of medicine is quoted as saying, “Too much sugar can make you fat; it can also make you sick, sick from diseases like cardiovascular disease, which is the No. 1 killer in America.”

    The article continues, “About 37 percent of added sugar in U.S. diets comes from sugar-sweetened beverages, while the rest comes from grain-based desserts, fruit drinks, dairy desserts and candy, the authors said. Sugar from fresh fruits and vegetables isn’t considered added sugar.”   This, of course, is if you simply rely on the labels of processed foods, but as was shown (please see yesterday’s blog) over one third of labels are unreliable as to content.

    Sugar does us harm in many ways, of which the two most significant are obesity and inflammation.   Obesity leads to high blood pressure, which damages the veins and arteries (you have about 100,000 miles of these) and Type 2 diabetes.   Inflammation leads to oxidization of LDL cholesterol in your arteries, which is the cause of cardiovascular disease (cholesterol is actually good, but it the oxidization, which is bad).

    Avoid processed foods, many of which contain sugar/sweeteners, transfats and excess of poor quality salt.   Try to eat home cooked meals with plenty of vegetables (the rawer the better).   Take reasonable regular exercise (not too much and not too little).   Consider anti-oxidants such as vitamin C, co-enzyme Q10 and, in particular, a good L-arginine supplement.   A good L-arginine supplement should turn into Arginine Derived Nitric  Oxide (ADNO) in the blood and normalise blood pressure,  begin cleansing the veins and arteries, boost the immune  system and give you the energy better to engage in the  moderate exercise. 

          Billy Bunter should have avoided cake and sugar,  

          taken reasonable exercise and avoided smoking,

          which  fills you with toxins while seriously depleting

          your ADNO

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