• The All New MICRO with Co-enzyme Q10 from ARKWORLD Has Arrived

    Newly arrived from the Arkworld laboratories in the USA is the new Micro capsule with co-enzyme Q10.   It did well to arrive, because it had to get through 11 foot snow drifts in the States as well as British customs.  The Arkworld bulletin reads:
    "This new product MICRO is so advanced and way ahead of its time, so make sure you use it
    alongside The Pink Drink and X-Cell products to get the best results possible and a product
    package that is leading the way in the health industry today!
    President & Founder Mark Landon’s mission in developing Arkworld was to provide the
    highest quality health products in the world to give people a better quality of life, whilst
    offering an unrivalled opportunity for anyone to join the company, become a distributor and
    then to help him with that mission. Along with honesty, integrity and a business opportunity
    second to none, Arkworld truly leads the way in the industry and along with this new product
    – MICRO, provides the most innovative products in the world today."
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