• Body builders and slimmers need L-arginine supplemenation

    I have remarked before that many interesting articles can be found on YouTube. I recently came across a series on interesting clips produced by Larry Hobbs ( Hi, this is Larry Hobbs @

    The first six clips review a fascinating research paper (Jobgen et al, Journal of Nutrition, Feb 2009, 139(2): 230-37) on dietary induced obese (DIO) rats showing that Arginine supplementation reduces weight gain, reduces dangerous white fat and enhances skeletal muscle and brown fat. In the last two clips Larry gives accounts of cases in which those taking L-arginine supplementation for other purposes were surprised to find that they were thinner with better muscle definition.

    The rats were separated into two groups, one given a low fat diet and one a high fat diet. Each group was divided into rats given L-arginine via their water and rats given another amino acid known not effect weight. The dosage of Arginine was the equivalent of approximately 15 grams for human beings. Weight gain was found to be 40% less in the low fat group and 60% in the high fat group. The research paper states, “Results of the present study demonstrate that dietary Arginine supplementation was highly effective in reducing the gain of major white fat in DIO rats.”                                                        

    The results of this research replicated earlier research on diabetic rats and other animals, such as pigs. Given the importance obesity today the conclusion of the research is, “Arginine supplementation may present a safe and efficient treatment for obesity.”

    Interestingly, Larry doubts the view (as expressed in my penultimate news item of 21st October – Human Growth Hormone and L-arginine) about the role of released HGH in the impact of Arginine supplementation on weight gain and muscle definition.  Whether he is right, or I am right, or we are both partly right about HGH, one thing is clear and that is that Arginine supplementation is good for those who want to limit weight gain, or to reduce white fat, or to develop well defined musculature.

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