• Ark 1 Arginine used for excess blood pressure

     A fellow Arkworld distributor thought his mother would benefit from Ark 1 (the Pink drink Arginine supplement) and Ark 2 (with Coenzyme Q10, which boosts the effect).   Her systolic blood pressure (that is the maximum force placed on the artery walls by the beat/pump of the heart) was over 200.   He expected her to her to improve rapidly, but there was no real change.   He began to feel frustrated and contacted Arkworld to report the seeming failure.   Upon careful investigation about when she took the supplements, whether she was impeding them by ingesting protein too soon, etc., it was discovered that she was putting the Ark 1 into hot water.   Hot water destroys the efficacy of the amino-acid.   Within a few days of taking the Pink Drink in cool water her blood pressure was down to a satisfactory 130 (systolic) over 90 (diastolic - the baseline pressure on the artery walls when the heart relaxes between beats).  The moral is that we should always follow up customers, because you never know what mistakes they might be making.

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