• Soft Drink Scandal Deepens - Postscript

    On the day that I published my previous blog it was disclosed that Mr Jeremy Hunt, the Minister, together with officials of Public Health England, had decided not to release a key report on the link between sugar and obesity (originally to be published in July).  This decision was rightly criticized as "outrageous" by Dr Sarah Wollaston, Chair of the Health Select Committee, which is just starting on an inquiry relating to reducing sugar intake and obesity.   Mr Hunt, who has promised 'draconian' action on junk food, has delayed publication till next January coeval with the publication of the government's strategy on obesity.

    Two days later it emerged that the majority of people in the UK still support a sugar tax.  Mr Graham McGregor, Chair of Action on Sugar, put the disappointing delay in publication of the report into context, by saying, "I don't think we need any more evidence."  Quite right Mr McGregor!  We have overwhelming evidence already that sugar is a leading factor in obesity, Type 2 diabetes and worst of all oxidization of cholesterol in the body.

    If you have not done so already, please look at my monograph on Arginine and its benefits in combating oxidization and obesity by clicking on ADNO on this site. 

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