• Statins linked to violence and death

    Readers of these blogs will know that Statins are worse than pointless, because they reduce LDL cholesterol, which is a good and not a bad thing.   It is the oxidisation of cholesterol and not the cholesterol itself, which is harmful.  Recently published in the online journal, Plos One, is an extensive (over 1000 subjects) research paper by Golomb et al. found that Statins are linked to violence, particularly in women over 45, who have not previously exhibited violent tendencies.   Beatrice Golomb is quoted as saying (e.g. “The Times” 2nd July, 2015), “Many studies have linked low cholesterol to increased risk of violent actions and death from violence, defined as death from suicide, accident and homicide.”

    One such study was the Lipids Research Clinics Program, “Journal of American Medical Association” 1984; 251:351-364.   Though not published in this pro-cholesterol reduction report was that there were three times as many deaths from suicide, homicide and trauma in the drug treatment group.   Likewise in the research by Hulley et al., “Journal of the American Medical Association” 1992; 267: 100-102 it was found that in the then four largest studies into cholesterol lowering drugs deaths from suicide, trauma and homicides went up by 20%.

    As long ago as 1992 Dr Ravnskov was able to conclude that “Lowering serum (blood) cholesterol concentrations does not reduce mortality (death) and is unlikely to prevent coronary heart disease.  Claims of the opposite are based on preferential citation of supportive trials”  “British Medical Journal” 1992; 305:15-19.

    So to the blocking of coenzyme Q10, type 2 diabetes, thought and memory impairment, muscle pain, greater risk of mortality and many other serious side effects from lowering cholesterol by drugs should add violent death.

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