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    Hosting a Pink Party!

    It is a tradition for Arkworld  to have a 'Pink Party' as a way to promote business.
    These are lots of fun as I found out last week.
    We had a table with a pink cloth, a display of Ark 1, Ark 2 and Ark 3 (Xcell) (pictured below). Pink and purple balloons. There were jugs of delicious Pink drinks and pink fun food (pink marshmallows, pink sweets and pink prawns on crackers as well as strawberries. Music was playing with a real party atmosphere.
    Guests arrived and had a Pink drink; distributors and guests chatted and after a while we had a 10 minute talk on the Arkworld products followed by testimonials of those in the room. If you are just starting and don't have distributors around you can read out some testimonials of others.
    After that we ate and chatted and also answered any questions, It was great fun and a lovely way to do business.
    In fact one of the guests, Julie wrote a poem which is printed below the photograph.
    This is a great way to launch your business, invite everyone you know and then do parties for the new people who join. It is a fun way to do business and people love to go to a party!


    Beautiful Jewels,
    Greeted us at her flat…
    We all had a Pink Drink and enjoyed a good chat.

    Pinky + Perky was this fruity Pink Drink…
    Try some today and see what you think!

    This miracle molecule will benefit you….
    Better blood flow…more energy too…
    No end to the overall health this product will do….

    If your libido is lacking…
    You know what to do…
    Reach for the tub..
    And you’ll be.. lovin’ it too!!!

    Viagra is old school!!!
    The news is out…
    Mine’s a Pink Drink
    You’ll hear the men shout.

    To sum it all up
    As there is no doubt…
    (The jury’s out)
    Before it sells out!!!

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