• Sugar is "the New Tobacco" and Arkworld's Arginine supplement is the Answer

    Over 40 years ago the internationally recognized John Yudkin, Professor of Nutrition at the University of London, studied the relationship of refined sugar to coronary artery disease.   He found that the impact of sugar was greater than that of cholesterol (“Sweet and Dangerous” – please do not forget that it is oxidization of cholesterol, which is damaging – cholesterol is itself good).   Amongst nutritionists the dangers of sugar (and artificial sweeteners, which are usually worse) has long been known.   Today “Action on Sugar” has branded sugar as the “new tobacco”.   Smoking is very Prof Yudkin bad for the health and I am not a smoker, but I worry that this attack  on sugar may be tarnished by the present puritanical persecution of  smokers.   Be that as it may, “Action for Sugar” is absolutely correct.    You will not, I suspect, find the fine detail of their arguments covered  with the same enthusiasm in the papers as was the absurd, misleading  and pro-pharmaceutical attack on vitamin supplementation two weeks  ago.   Professor Yudkin (pictured) found that food manufacturers  opposed his attendance at events relying on their  sponsorship/advertising.   Did you hear Terry Jones on the “Today Programme” this morning speaking for the Food and Drink Federation”?   He appeared not to know of the dangers of sugar in causing the deadly inflammation in the walls of our arteries, which causes heart attacks and strokes.   He quibbled about sugar’s role in causing obesity (its impact is at least two fold both in its calorific value and in spiking the appetite) and he attacked, of all things, saturated fat as being the main thing to remove from food.   Saturated fat is natural and good for us, Mr Jones, so please update your nutritional knowledge and get your members to remove trans fats and sugar from their processed foods, because these are true killers.   

    Good nutrition is the key to health, whether it protecting or restoring your health.   One of the main discoveries is the importance of Arginine Derived Nitric Oxide is protecting and restoring the cardiovascular system and countering damage to the endothelium.   Arkworld’s pharmaceutical grade one Arginine supplement should not be overlooked.   Also, its natural sweetener is the equivalent on one bite of Golden Delicious apple.

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